27th Nov

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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27th Nov

Post by DaveMac » Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:40 pm

So having written off the afternoon I thought hang on a minute, there's a puff. Of course Weathercam Worthing is effectively out of action so I go on Marroccos Beach Cam and see people rigging up. But can I be bothered? Looking West massive dark clouds despite a beautiful orange glow from the sun (on camera 2). So I sit there sadly stalking for 10 minutes and then think, if I pull my finger out I'll get half an hour. So one board (106), one sail (6.1) one mast one everything slung into the car. Result. Pretty chunky waves coming in but enough wind to get out over them. Then I loitered out the back for a nice blast about waiting for the off switch or sunset, which ever came first. Sure enough it was dropping but enough to get a wave back to the beach. Got my WOS T shirt but well worth the effort. Sufficiently dark I could barely read the combination lock for my car key. Crap sail really but so good to be out and snatch one.

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Charlie W
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Re: 27th Nov

Post by Charlie W » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:16 pm

After half the day getting an eventual very wet skunking at Avon headed round to Milford for the wnw'ly switch...boy what a wait, 2 'till 4.15 dark was class Logo high with smooth faces & 11s period. Got pretty light at one point but soon came back just right for superb dtl on the newly minted, X-Plyed, 5.3 Fringe - sold as just monofilm & thankfully that i can still see ok through. Reeesult :D

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