Friday 11 Oct 2019

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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Friday 11 Oct 2019

Post by rod » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:51 pm

Newton in Porthcawl again, but not a patch on yesterday with more or less dead onshore up and down (nuking 4.5 then nothing) wind.

Some solid swell running into all the local breaks but but difficult to use the waves with the wind direction.

Met Jeroensurf from the boards forum - great to see him over exploring Wales' best breaks (not Newton today!).

I nearly forgot about the torrential rain too, which made it hard to see at times...

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Re: Friday 11 Oct 2019

Post by Jeroensurf » Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:14 pm

I had to get back to newton when the conditions are better.
Sailed a 4.7 Taka with my 104l Flextail. sometimes slogging, then overpowered. Everything between 5.8 and 4.1 would some moments have been perfect. Despite the rain, the warm atmosphere and meeting up Rod after 5?? years made it a nice sess. :)

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Re: Friday 11 Oct 2019

Post by ross24 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:36 pm

Avon from 4.30 for 2 hours. 4.5m. Quite gusty, struggled to get comfortable at times. Some nice waves. Managed to get a better feel of my 90l board today, but my sail felt quite unstable at times, not sure why. One guy did a nice backloop right next to me, and nearly got all the way round. Quite a few out, some doing some nice wave riding.

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Re: Friday 11 Oct 2019

Post by Ruaraidh_K257 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 9:34 pm

Bit of a change from the past week of sailing today; the waves weren’t mast high! Haha.
Launched at Crossapol on 3.3, pretty powered in the gusts, underpowered in the lulls. Waves were decent, waist to just over head high, just steep enough for some critical turns but not enough to make the wipeouts nasty.

Was extremely busy - 30-40 people sailing - which was a nightmare but what with spending lots of time on Tiree I decided I was a local for the day and took lots of waves ;) :lol:

The secret to catching lots of waves was being very light; most people were on small kit but very underpowered. I was on small kit and only slightly underpowered! Haha

Special mention to Irish ripper Finn Mellon and south coast legend - and my boss at Pryde/JP - Bubble who were killing it. Bubble did a lot of goiters which was very impressive to see. It’s one thing watching the really good guys do their thing in the really good conditions, but it’s another thing entirely seeing them do it on your regular spot!

Good to catch some nice waves and get some fun turns. Eventually the wind died and everyone went in leaving myself and Pozo roommate & Hove local Lucas out, both of us on very small kit trying to make 10 knots work haha. The waves were big enough you could get tons of speed though and we had a good time until the rain came and totally killed and we decided to give it up for the day.

Also: in all conditions my 69l Ultimate Wave feels sick, but it’s days like today where it just feels absolutely perfect. The waves toward the end were some of the cleanest I’ve seen in my life, and the board sliced through the faces like a knife. I’m really happy with the board; it just feels perfect for me! :D
16, Scottish wavesailor, sponsored by - Neil Pryde, JP Australia, K4Fins, Wild Diamond Tiree

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Re: Friday 11 Oct 2019

Post by BillG » Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:34 am

I missed several days sailing this week as I'd done something to my ribs but it seemed to be ok by Friday so off to Avon. I was a bit concerned that it might be too windy for me but most were out on 4.2 so rigged my 3.4 and was stacked on the outside with the usual hole on the inside.

I was rather overpowered on the waves until I realised that they were cleaner, more widely spaced and there was a bit less wind further down past the cafe. I then spent an hour sailing off down wind, trying to remember to gybe before I came in too far and got becalmed. I got one great wave that seemed to go on forever. Thought I was going to end up at Highcliff! Fortunately it was windy enough on the outside to get back upwind easily. Called it a day after 3 hours.

All the usual suspects out apart from the Pros who are in Tiree. I'm off there at the end of next week so hopefully it will be good after the Classic as usual.

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Re: Friday 11 Oct 2019

Post by Hazzabee » Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:15 am

4.2/77L 3-5pm at Shoreham as too onshore for Hove. Made a litany of embryonic pre session errors 1) having arrived in a squall put up 3.7 first which after a couple of runs clearly was not enough 2) then rigged 4.2 like a bag of sh*t resulting in more time and corrective effort expended and 3) after all this faffing realised that I had not consumed anywhere near my required daily calorie intake. I really could have benefited from some of that cake. So I was massively lacking in energy which was a shame as conditions were rampy fun. Some huuuge moves landed by Nik Baker and various others all around but I only just about summoned the mojo to flop round a couple of under-rotated loops. Lessons learned.

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