Wednesday the 11th of September

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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Wednesday the 11th of September

Post by ross24 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:42 am

Early morning session for me today at Avon. 7.30 til 9. A bit gusty to begin with, but filled in as the morning went on. 5.4 and 104. Did a few decent jumps. Fluffed a gybe, the tail of the board sank so much that the nose was pointing to the sky, but managed to hang on, and then caught a swell and gust to have a planing exit, happy days.

Some small waves, but not really big enough with any shape to catch them, although I did do one kind of bottom turn thing as I dropped in over the top of one, that was about it though, as far as my waveriding went!

Was absolutely loving it at the end, was late for work though. It's great living so close to the sea!

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Re: Wednesday the 11th of September

Post by Charlie W » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:16 pm

Yeah quite a few at Avon by 12 with Bubble doing some sick Freestyle on the new gear. Nice x-shore wind direction but fancied some punchier waves so went back to x-on Highcliffe.

5.3/95 just right from 1.30 'till 4.30 with the Captain (5.7) & Pagey (5.3). Mostly mushy 2-4ft up to occasional head high with 4 hits on a wave possible (once!).

Nearly had a huge W of S at end as wind dropped but luckily it quickly came back. So an easy sail back upwind plus a few more waves to catch. A definite 4.

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Re: Wednesday the 11th of September

Post by rod » Wed Sep 11, 2019 7:45 pm

Newton S Wales. Wind not as advertised. Not really enough wind for the jumping session I had hoped for. Splashed round a couple of loops (waves were ok) but generally a poor session.

5.8 + 103 supermini

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Re: Wednesday the 11th of September

Post by DaveMac » Wed Sep 11, 2019 8:20 pm

Double dip for me. Carrats around 1.30pm, a degree of uncertainty on sail size amongst the usual suspects, wind looked a bit light on the inside. A final look at Weathercam stats convinced me it was okay to go with my 6.1 despite others launching anything from 4.4 to 5.3. Basically I need a 5.3 as I reckon I would have been fine. Can't really say how the others got on as I avoided heading downwind to Hotpipes, I'm rubbish at floatn'ride and my upwind sailing is tortuous. Had to be back in central Brighton for 3ish so played safe. Chunky swell rolling in which I enjoyed, Supermini was fun.
Part 2, Marroccos at 4.15. Could see the low tide rip so opted for my single fin 106 with the same 6.1. 40 minutes of thoroughly enjoyable blasting and gybing and then I thought f**k it, there's plenty of wind, go for the Supermini 94. Wave pleasure doubled (at least). Can't really say I've cracked dtl ( :lol: ) but I managed four good wiggles on the same wave, well chuffed. Needless to say my wave riding efforts ended with a suitably long walk of shame as predicted, but well worth it. Started the day moaning about a bad back and a bit of a cold, strangely that cleared but reckon I'll be grumbling tomorrow. Skunkatron 4, particularly the last session on the Supermini -maybe upgrade to a 5 if "the wave ride" sticks in my brain.

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Re: Wednesday the 11th of September

Post by BillG » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:01 am

Avon, 11 to 2. A bit off shore so not much wind on the inside. 4.7 & 66L Moo as usual, well powered up once out to the wind line a some nice small waves if you timed it right. Lots of weed at the shore line and at one point I had mega spinout which I've never had before with my small thruster fins. I dropped in and turned the board over: the rear fin was completely covered with a piece of that very green seaweed, stuck on like glue!
After an hour or so the wind went very fluky so stopped for lunch. The wind came back after a bit and I tried my 75L JP to see if it coped with the lulls better and it did a bit but the difference is marginal.

Less out than usual but great to watch Bubble doing impossible freestyle things on the new JP FSW.

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