New shape Citroen Dispatch

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New shape Citroen Dispatch

Post by BillG » Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:42 pm

I've just got myself a Citroen Dispatch (shed on wheels), I've not seen any used as surf vans so I though I'd post a review. I got the Enterprise model, MWB, 115 BHP, 6 speed which gets the best reviews. It's a 2016 with 60,000 on the clock for £9700.

I've driven a T5 & Transit Custom and this is so much nicer to drive (also loads cheaper than a T5!). The fuel economy is really good, I've just been to Tiree for a month and the round trip from London, 4 weeks in Tiree (you never get in to 5th) and back gave 45.9 MPG, full to the brim, with 2 bikes on the back and 2 SUPs on the roof. There's no roof rack but there are mounting brackets for a rack and we just strapped the SUPs in bags down to those.

There is a problem for people with longer boards though, my Xcite ride, 255 cm long just fits in at floor level. I had to cut a hole in the rear door ply panel but it works OK as I have foam pads on the bulkhead and rear door so the boards can't move about. My smaller boards fit anyway. The enterprise model has a removable hatch in the bulkhead under the passenger seat so I could fit a longer board or sup if needed. Removing the bulkhead would give more room but I thought the heater would have problems in the winter.

I built a rack from plastic display pipe from the as recommended by DavidA. This worked out pretty cheap and is a bit like playing with your kids building set. Great fun! I also sealed the floor etc. with Protectakote.

The one thing highlighted in reviews is that the cab area is a bit restricted for larger people, no problem for me, might be for some of you over large chaps.

Brilliant so far, just hope it lasts as long as my Berlingo (8 years with just a new clutch last year)

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Re: New shape Citroen Dispatch

Post by deckchair » Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:39 am

i have the lwb 120hp version racked it out with obs which was a mistake should have gone with ply. the van itself is brilliant

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