foot hooks?

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foot hooks?

Post by nimo » Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:13 pm

Has anyone used foot hooks for wind foiling? I am interested as I am currently laid up with a broken foot and have decided on a strapless return to wind foiling when possible.
I have seen the Dakine foot hooks and wonder if they would be a good option later on. I have used them on a kiteboard and found it to work really well.
Any experience out there?

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Re: foot hooks?

Post by ronnie » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:37 am

After watching this video

I decided to add foot hooks to my 112 Fanatic Gecko when I was converting it for foiling.
I used these Slingshot half hooks, but an earlier version.

I had to figure out how to adapt the hooks for the curvature of the rear end of the board - but now they have these wedges to adjust the angle of the hook. The other thing was the rotation of the hook to the correct angle. The hook has a curved slot - which I used for one of the 2 screws, and to prevent the strap rotating and to add an extra screw to hold the hook, I drilled another (middle) hole just big enough for a third screw and that located the hook to one angle.

For windfoiling, I found that here wasn't much force on the hook, but it was easy to get into and did add some useful support. You do jam your foot in sideways, so you are putting that sideways twisting force on your foot and ankle.
It also meant I could move my foot around the area I needed to and could 'walk' my foot across into the strap without changing the weighting on the board much. It will not give any meaningful resistance to being catapulted. I think they are are a useful tool when first learning with front straps, but having foiled strapless, they are not a necessity and if strapless foiling, I think the main benefit could be that you could maybe hold more power if you could jam your foot against a hook. I have no desire to add a hook to the strapless board.

For windsurfing I kept the hook, but there was more force, so my foot would get pushed into it until the hook was against my ankle - but it did allow me to jam my foot securely enough to windsurf.

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