Tuttle bolts & washers for windfoil attachment

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Tuttle bolts & washers for windfoil attachment

Post by roblove »

Hi, what hardware do people use for attaching their foil to a tuttle box? Do you use rubber or nylon washers? Do you use a stainless spring washer to prevent any loosening due to vibration?

Just curious as I'm about to order bolts and washers to attach my foil to a new board (its an Alien so has the 'chimneys' for the bolts).
My current thinking is M6 A4-80 bolt, with a 25mm stainless washer and a 25mm nylon washer between them and the tuttle box.

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Re: Tuttle bolts & washers for windfoil attachment

Post by Westy »

I use nylon washers as I found rubber washers disintegrate after a few uses. I also use A4 spring washers together with a flat with the aforementioned nylon washer but actually I find that at least 1 of the bolts has worked loose after a session despite that.

I saw a new 'thumbscrew' system advertised on BarkFace which doesn't require a tool to tighten which might be a good solution for on the water inspection and tightening. The only thing I didn't like was the use of standoff spacers when the tuttle bolts are recessed in the deck.

I would use the largest diameter washer you can fit in the recess you may have. For my Starboard Freeride that's 20mm.
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Re: Tuttle bolts & washers for windfoil attachment

Post by Sailrepair »

I only use ss washers. I use torx head m6 bolts.

On boards that don't have the bolt recesses I use the carbon load plates that AFS provide. But most new boards have the recessed type foil boxes. Starboard IQ foils use a upside down footstrap plate to help spread load. I like JP's over size washers.

My foils don't usually come loose but having said that it happened today, maybe something to do with the 40 kt gusts.
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Re: Tuttle bolts & washers for windfoil attachment

Post by Farnorthsurfer »

6mm PZ3 screws with 25mm washers. The rubber washers I use windsurfing don’t last on the Foil bolts.
I also change them frequently every couple of sessions. Quite often find the bolts have a slight bend in them when I take them out. Not sure if this is the Hypernut or the loads. But has also happened in my JP.
Slingshot use 10mm bolts in their Tuttle attachments but this won’t work without drilling out the Hypernut box which I don’t want to do. So use use reducers to 6mm.
Occasionally find a bolt loose after a session but not sure what the root cause is. Guess vibration is one possibility.
I only use the US box fittings on the Hypernut for surfing but it does feel secure when it’s bolted on with four 8mm bolts.
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Re: Tuttle bolts & washers for windfoil attachment

Post by Smidge »

I also use A4-80. Not widely available but its the strongest grade of A4 - usually only get hex heads though (fine for me). My rear bolt uses a massive washer i got made that i stuck some high density foam to - has lasted several years. Front one just uses a very big washer bare metal onto the board. Watch out for using washers that are too thin as any slight deformation will focus the load around the bolt hole. Better too thick than too thin.

Key thing though is to be paranoid that the bolt goes far enough into the foil heads screw. I reckon starboard race foils take 11 turns after they bite, whereas my slingshot can take much more into its diameter reduction thingy (M10 to M6 converter).

I buy overlong screws and cut them down to optimum length.

Never had a problem with them loosening- if you do then i dont think you are tightening them enough. There is a video on line of Gonzalo Costa Hoevel showing how to fit an iqfoil. He tightens it like mad on front bolt, flips board, uses leverage of mast and plenty of muscle to wiggle it in a bit more, flips it back, tightens bolt again, and repeats 3 times. Says if you dont do it 3 times you havent done it right !
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