Windfoil begginer's do's and dont's

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Re: Windfoil begginer's do's and dont's

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I'm still struggling to get water time on mine, but one thing I have learned is to use a smaller sail than you think. My ideal learning day would be flat water where there is just enough to get up on the foil (without good pumping technique) in the gusts. I found spending time off the foil between flights really useful. You can have a think about technique and relax - on your first few attempts there is A LOT of new stuff happening and its good to have time to process that while waiting for the next gust! 90% of my sessions I wished I rigged smaller - you have to recalibrate your sail size calculator.

Straighter legs and more over the board than normal windsurfing too. Bending knees (e.g. to absorb chop as you would windsurfing and is ingrained in muscle memory!) doesn't tend to go well!
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Re: Windfoil begginer's do's and dont's

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Thanks again for all the replies. Will report back on how I get on. Cheers!
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