Tarifa - accommodation and kit

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Tarifa - accommodation and kit

Post by crossy5575 » Tue May 14, 2019 8:06 am

Hi there, off to Tarifa in a June for a 5 day break.

What kit hire would people recommend?
Where are the best places to sail - for 5 days i was just going to hang on the main beach for some Bump and Jump, however is there any waves nearby, not sure if we will have roofracks on the hire car!

Also was going to Air B&B it - however any recommendations for accommodation would be good too.


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Re: Tarifa - accommodation and kit

Post by BTB » Tue May 14, 2019 10:48 pm

Been a while since i was there but the beach is in reality a long stretch of coast going from the town all the way down to the dunes at the far south west point. The dunes end is the better one in general (less off shore and nicer beach) but the winds are so local it can be 10kts stronger from one end to another.

You get waves with any storms in the atlantic and generally when you get westerly winds. Can be good but very unreliable. Assume freeride sailing not wave sailing.

You need a car.

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Re: Tarifa - accommodation and kit

Post by DavidA » Wed May 15, 2019 1:15 pm

A while since I have been but given the distance between town and beaches etc you will probably need a hire car in which case take your own gear on the plane Easy Jet to Malaga. If you are planning on renting without a car then best accommodation close to the centre. What used to be the Mistral centre in the middle of the beach had a couple of hotels nearby plus a centre at the back of the Hurricane Hotel(which is pretty high end). Town itself is great full of fab tapas bars so would be inclined to stay walking distance. You can go wave sailing round at Bolonia and of course the legendary spot up near Cape Trafalgar called Canos de ?????. Canos only really works when its blowing old boots in Tarifa.

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Re: Tarifa - accommodation and kit

Post by DiamondHead » Mon May 27, 2019 5:52 am

Hi, there

You can find a huge range of windsurf rentals in Tarifa: Surf Center, ION Club, Volare, Spin Out, Sportlink, SailboardTarifa are the best known. As you might know conditions in Tarifa can be quite different, depending on the wind is blowing. Strong levante frequently means 3.7-4.2 weather but Poniente (or afternoon thermic) is more for slalom-freeride. From Balneario (near the town) to Bolonia (sometimes 2m waves) you'll get quite different conditions. In summer, as kiters have invaded Valdevaqueros (the main beach near Punta Paloma), I'd recommend you going to Bolonia where kite is not allowed (one of the last windsurfing paradises). You can rent equipment in the to last rentals named above and take it to the beach. For further info send me a mp

If you like Airbnb look for something in the center as you have been said. Nevertheless I prefer to stay in places near Valdevaqueros beach. Hotel Codorniz is not too expensive, or 100% Fun

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