Thursday 13th February

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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Thursday 13th February

Post by BillG » Thu Feb 13, 2020 5:27 pm

Decided on Hayling on the push as the wind was forecast to drop this afternoon. Arrived at 10 to find just 2 Kiters out, wind SW and promising looking waves. The wind had dropped a bit on Chimet so rigged my 4.7. 2 more Hayling regulars arrived arrived as I was rigging and they went for 5.3's.
The wind then picked up and I could have done with my 4.1 on the waves so going pretty fast down the line!

Launched and got up to the kite area in one tack whereupon the wind swung more westerly, perfect for wave riding. The kiters called it a day and there were just the 3 of us which was just as well as we were all trying to get the best waves.

Had an excellent 2 hours with lots of really good waves with several turns until I made the mistake of coming in for a rest and then could not get back out through the shore break. By this time the waves were well over head high and dumping much worse in the kite area than usual plus a big wind hole. Gave up trying to launch after a couple of tries and had a reverse walk of shame downwind back to the van.

Best sail at Hayling for a while, 4.5 on the Skunkatron.

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Re: Thursday 13th February

Post by Charlie W » Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:52 pm

Avon 9.30 'till 12. 5.3 good up to coming in on best wave to stop getting ticket, just in time! Good jumping up to then too. Midway wind picked up to 4.7 conditions & waves started shaping up to nicely head high.

About a dozen out with some tasty riding going down - Martin calling it right on 4.5. It was touch x-on 'till the swing killed it.

So went round to Milford, 2 'till 5 had the biggest & best S.Coast sesh outside KBay, ever. Mast high and nicely shreadable, touch x-on so good jumping too.

Got pretty windy, too op'd at times on 5.3. Bumby sea state but clean on the wave for multiple turns & lip hits. Another 5

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