Tuesday 11th February

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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Tuesday 11th February

Post by BillG » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:12 pm

West Wittering again from about 11.
Windier than yesterday and more cross shore with a very similar sea state but a lot colder.
Rigged 3.0 Elite and Moo 66L again. OK for about half an hour then got blown off the water when a huge squall came through and we all (3 of us) sat it out for a bit.
Once the sun came out again it calmed down a bit and was more fun but I was sailing like a plank today, messing up most of my outside gybes, my hands got really cold and I remembered why I hate W. Witts with it's current sea state. Called it a day about 1pm.

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Re: Tuesday 11th February

Post by James.blonde » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:44 pm

went to La for 10am, 3 kites were out with 1 windsurfer rigging 4.7 on 82l I think. I bailed out as it felt really cold. It was meant to be warmer than the 4.5 c from last week but it didn't feel it. It looked amazing and he said it was his best sail there for years.
I went back for the dropping tide with 9c air tem[ but the swell had halved, still 4.7 on 92 but rarely did it shape up as the wind was just holding them back too much to break nicely.
Shame but more due later in the week with warmer temps.
I did notice that the sea had breached the top of the beach more than normal, I spoke to a council guy on his quad bike on the beach, he said there had been a 2 to 3 foot storm surge up the channel. Along with 5m swell it took it higher than normal on the spring tides. He said the coastal engineers in the office were currently tracking another surge which is currently of Canada , that surge is due Friday if it does'nt dissipate beforehand. Asked how you track the storm surges but he had no idea as it wasn't his department.

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Re: Tuesday 11th February

Post by rod » Tue Feb 11, 2020 9:57 pm

Started at one of the local reefs that amplifies the swell. Sideshore logo high, but I was under done in 3.7 so came in (read swim) to change up and went round the corner to Newton in Porthcawl that was much more manageable. Sideshore (a tad offshore) on the wave, cross off on the beach. Great fun on the 4.5 for an hour and a half.

The eaves were head high sometimes quite a bit bigger and pretty clean. Some nice rides and some vicious gusts.
Would have been pretty epic if it hadn't been freezing!

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