Feb 10

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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Feb 10

Post by James.blonde » Mon Feb 10, 2020 7:46 pm

Monday 10th, storm plus 1.
Great day today post the big storm that actually wasn't as big here as they were saying. Cross shore Westerly on 4.4 on 92 fly wave, friend on 3.8 and 72. 4.5 to 5m swell on Rusty wave bouy. Super spaced waves with the 11 sec period .Probably the best conditions of the winter with the size. Could have been a few degrees warmer to help us out. Any falling in and swimming meant a good spell of hand burn in the wind chill.
3 kites and 2 windsurfers, had it all to myself for last 20 mins. It was getting bigger and super clean for some lovely drops into bottom turns, occasionally getting funny double ups on waves which would muck things up but these disappeared as the tide came in.
Tomorrow looks similar in direction but even colder and a tad smaller on the wave height, not sure I will be able to resist.

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Charlie W
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Re: Feb 10

Post by Charlie W » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:31 pm

10.45 'till 2, 4.7/90 about as big/good as it gets for x/off dtl at Avon. Up to logo high with super long clean rides.

Tried new board in Quad mode for 1st time, much grippier, but what a hassle doing all those slot box screws :x Almost landed a crazy big (inadvertent!) Backie - got the pros talkin'. :D

About 12 out smashing it in the Sun 'till the 1st squall came through mucking it up. Size of the waves also started dropping off as the super low tide fast approached. Definitely a 5 on the Skunkatron.

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Re: Feb 10

Post by BillG » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:59 pm

Having missed Sundays wind as I thought even my 3m sail would be too big I headed for West Wittering from 11 - 2.

Cross on very windy so it looked like a good opportunity to try my new (to me) Ezzy Elite 3.0. Very impressed with the sail once I had fiddled with it a bit and got it set right. Much better than older very small sails, I've not had one for years as they always seemed very twitchy. This is very controllable even when over powered, which I was for a lot of the time.

Horribles sea state, big waves all over the place with wave running sideways on the face and peaks popping up suddenly just where you didn't want them. A vicious current was running on the inside especially after high tide.

Managed virtually all of my outside gybes and some frontside riding so went home fairly happy.

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