Monday 7th October

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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Monday 7th October

Post by Ruaraidh_K257 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:22 pm

Dad dropped me at Crossapol at 8:45 as he had some work to do at home. Fannied about waiting for better waves and launched at 9:30 on 4.0 Combat HD and 69l Ultimate Wave, quite onshore with good waves. Curse/blessing of sailing alone: landed two backloops. Then did a third and had a horrendous backslapper which put me off them for the rest of the day... excuses excuses! Wind turned more cross shore as they RAF Windsurf lads arrived plus a bunch of other folk. Waves got a bit messier but still fun, working on milking turns out of the wave all the way to shore in prep for competition next week. Once the RAF lot left, WD crew + Dad and a few other folk arrived and the conditions got superb. Logo to over mast high waves made for massive rocket airs (it was at this point I realised that backies actually ARE scary if you’re 20 feet in the air when you go for them ahahah !) plus some huge power turns and a lot of swims... also managed to finally get the timing right for the one hand top turns (and also perfected the no hand no foot top turn 😂) came in at 5:15 having sailed for almost 8 hours and discovered I could barely walk ahhaha. Absolutely all time session, can’t wait for tomorrow which is supposed to be the same except a few degrees offshore which should be perfection
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Re: Monday 7th October

Post by wully » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:25 pm

You forgot to mention it was warm and (mostly)sunny..

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