21st November

Had an amazing sail? Tell us all about it.
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21st November

Post by DaveMac »

Not as windy as I hoped for but I slung my 7.2 in the car anyway as insurance. Might have got away using the 6.1 but not sure I'd get off the beach (Marroccos) so the 7.2 it was. And I had a solid 90 minutes blatting about on my 106. The occasional bit of chunky wave to gybe on but the wind was so light on the inside, very cross shore. Satisfying fitness session but few magic moments, just good to be out. Which is what the crowds also thought on the prom....mentally busy for a grey Saturday morning. Some kites out to start with and one orange sail out off the Lagoon.
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Re: 21st November

Post by Jeff »

Headed to Shoreham where wind was struggling to get much above Force 4 to start despite a fairly promising forecast. Keen to try out new quiver addition of a Fanatic Stubby 82 so thought I'd mess around and check footstraps etc and amazingly had a couple of hours of planing with 5.3.

Not overcrowded on the water, but a huge number of kites, wings and windsurfs in that Lancing to Shoreham stretch.
Duncan Adam
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Re: 21st November

Post by Duncan Adam »

Portland Harbour for a flat water session. When I arrived the Ferrybridge car park was almost full with windsurfers and kite surfers.

Rigged 6.6m V-Max on the Falcon 100 with F-Hot 36cm fin. Well powered up to start with but after an hour it picked up a notch which made the 6.6 feel uncomfortable.

The changed fins to a C3 32cm and sail to 5.8m Switchblade. Nice in the gusts though a fraction underpowered in the lulls.

Still great to great to get out with some where around 150-200 others.

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Charlie W
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Re: 21st November

Post by Charlie W »

11 'till 1.30 Southbourne, 5.9/90 up & down but more up than down so was good overall. As expected nothing epic but one half hour period the moves were going off, so came in to crank downhaul, then wind promptly went lol. About a dozen others out.
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Re: 21st November

Post by PhilN »

Kimmeridge on 94l & 5.2m. A bit of swell and flat in between for a blast around. About 12 others.

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Re: 21st November

Post by FKPhil »

Good one PhilN. wish I could sail like that.

At least we got some sunshine today.

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Re: 21st November

Post by Smidge »

OK morning at Hayling on Flare 111 and 5.7. Underpowered at first - should have stuck the foil on it for a laugh (has twin tracks fitted), but then wind picked up nicely. Plenty out incl my daughter and her friend. Its quite hard sailing whilst simultaneously trying to keep a look out for others - i figured best way to do it was to stay downwind of them and always gybe further out than them, that way if they did get into trouble I would come across them soon enough.

Couple of really sketchy jump landings onto the steep bit of the next wavelet - they were very close together.
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Re: 21st November

Post by tim319 »

Nice foiling day at Shoreham.

4m/i76 was perfect in the less-windy bits, and overpowered a fair bit of the time.

I'm getting better at proper wave riding, controlling acceleration/ride-height and getting long frontside rides. There was a nice waist-chest high swell. The i65 is generally easier in these conditions as it doesn't generate as much lift accelerating down the face, but the slower speed of the i76 allows a longer cruise-y ride. You just have to really bend your knees in the bottom turn.
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Re: 21st November

Post by DavidA »

Turned out to be windier than expected so got out on the big kit for waves a 6m sail and had a great time.
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