Oh yes.... New toys

Windsurf equipment based chatter should be in here.
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Re: Oh yes.... New toys

Post by deckchair » Thu Jan 30, 2020 8:48 am

if you get a chance have ago on the i76 or if its windy the i65 both excellent wings

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Re: Oh yes.... New toys

Post by rod » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:33 pm

First thoughts on the Slingshot 84 and Time Code 68.

In short. Ace.
Great low wind performance on both wings (surprising for the 68).

I used both today in up and down wind averaging 12 - 14knots. Gusting to 17, sometimes less than this too.
5m Ezzy. 131 Naish micro hover

Both foils worked well with lots of crossover. The 84 has a better top end than my Naish 84 and is much faster and a lot more stable.

The Time Code 68 is quite comparable to the Naish thrust, although it feels much more front footed. Like the 84 it's more stable than the Naish.

I did dozens of fully foiling gybes on both wings today. The Time Code 68 actually seemed easier!

So far so good. The differences between the brand's aren't as great as I was expecting, but enough to warrant the change.

The Naish wins out in a few techy areas. It's easier to assemble, everything mechanically locks together which takes the stress of the bolts and makes for a better fit. Especially the mast - fuselage, wing - fuselage. All the bolts are the same diameter. So you only need a single alum key. Overall a better design. The Slingshot compensates by heavy industrial components. Consequently the Naish foil is significantly lighter than the Slingshot. The wing - fuselage connection on the Slingshot is a stupid design by comparison. Similarly mast - fuselage connection on the Slingshot.

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