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Post by motogon » Mon Jun 29, 2020 6:43 pm

My observation after 3 days of foiling on PR:
Day 1: Friday after work. Gusty shifty wind. Went on 4.7 and Slingshot I76 x 42 (in C position) installed into deep tuttle. Mast foot in middle of track. I had real hard time to foil it. Board was twitchy. It was really hard to keep it fly steady. Also short length of board make it looks like I fly higher that I really is.
Day 2. Saturday. Gusty wind. Rigged 5.2 (should go with 4.7) and SS I76 x 42 (in B position) in deep tuttle. Mast foot almost all way forward. Much better. Board still twitchy, but much more stable. I think it's nature of this board to be very sensitive as it is so short.
Day 3. Sunday. Steady light wind (I guess 10-13 knots). 5.7 and SS I84 x 48 (in C position) in deep tuttle. Mast foot all way forward. Even better, had a bunch of very nice steady runs. It appears that if I pump foil same time as I pump sail I can get in air almost instantly. Also when wind get really light I can pump foil and stay flying in almost no wind.
Negative part: not a single good jibe. Not like I was great foil jiber before, but sometimes I was lucky to make OK jibe on my old "foil" board. PR way more sensitive board, which I guess makes my foiling life more interesting. :lol:

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