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RRD Pocket Rocket

Post by tintin.gwen » Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:16 am

My thoughts about this board (sorry for my english, i'm french)

Link for my video :

The size of the board gives the impression of a toy because it is ultra compact and light ; this version is the lightest "LTD" (in texallium like the Exocet RF81).
The deck is completely covered with a Eva foam pad of differents colors; the case is of the deep tuttle type and the LOKEFOIL LK1 foil with the wing 1200 fits perfectly.
Multiple inserts are on the deck but are of no interest with a deep tuttle foil in a windfoil optic because these are too close to
the mast foot. So footstraps will not be used...strapless with this board. You have to go very far back to start the flight.

In terms of buoyancy, stability, no problem even with my 94 kgs.

The sail used for this test is a Purelip 5.2 Loftsails; We can consider mounting 6 / 6.5 but no more on this type of board.
The flight start is quite progressive ; to fly early, it is necessary to move back on the screws of the foil.

The position in navigation is very straight, above the foil; despite the lack of inertia of the board, the board is very stable longitudinally and laterally with the LOKEFOIL Lk1, the wing of 1200 and the stabilizer of 280.

The set is player and one can easily trigger pretty curves . No traction in the sail, which suggests a navigation without harness.

To hope to take off as soon as possible the solution is a fine, fast and short pumping, to quickly back up its supports and then pop up over the foil. A pumping force with amplitude in the traction of the sail will not be as effective since the nose of the board will tend to go from left to right.

The touchdowns in navigation are not felt and the relaunch after a jibe touch, from the moment when we keep speed, is fast. A light weight will be even more able to appreciate this ultra short board.

This is a very fun board for windfoil freeride that i used for 1,5 hour in a wind of about 15knts ... not as efficient, as a more traditional windfoil board but it is not in the same program, here we seek pleasure without particular performance.

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Re: RRD Pocket Rocket

Post by rod » Wed Oct 09, 2019 2:58 pm

Nice review, thanks.

What size sail was the other regular windsurfer (in the video) using? To give a sense of how much with there was.

It's curious that the tuttle box and us box foil slots are in different places, which would imply that the footstrap positions will be wrong for one of the setups.

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Re: RRD Pocket Rocket

Post by Smidge » Wed Oct 09, 2019 5:04 pm

Rod, its also suitable for sup foiling - for those crazy enough to do that - which is probably why the US twin tracks are further forward (and the fully covered deck)

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