foiling sails or not

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Re: foiling sails or not

Post by deckchair » Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:56 pm

there is another train of thought to buy bigger front wings instead of bigger sails? not really thought about the pro's and con's

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Re: foiling sails or not

Post by Sailrepair » Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:48 pm

yes a bigger front wing can have the same effect, probably a bigger effect.

The main thing is to be realistic in your head as to what you are trying to achieve. Chasing getting going earlier and earlier is fine, I do it. But if you aim to fly in say 7kts of wind you have to remember if it is 7 kts it will also be 5 kts or less at times so you just float around waiting and getting into position for another gust. Some people just don't like it when they are not planing/flying but I quite like it as you get a real sense of achievement flying in nearly calm conditions like that. Nice in a summers evening, a bit keen on a rainy winters day.

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Re: foiling sails or not

Post by Smidge » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:43 am

I think thats right - if you go out in super light winds you cant expect to be up all of the time. So you need a board that is big enough to be mellow to shlog around on, and a chilled out mindset - look at the view, chat to other people on the water. I havent had enough experience of it yet to be sure, but i suspect a really big front wing and a moderate sized sail (eg 6.5 for me) is a more pleasant combination in such circs than struggling with a monster sail.

However i have a suspicion that the efficient race/freerace foils have an advantage if you have the skill/fitness to get them up in that the higher actual speed and apparent wind speed they allow with a big sail might give a better chance of getting through the lulls if you have the right technique

Coming back to the point of the thread, any views on if a Techno one design twin cam sail would be good for light wind foiling? They are optimised for lighter winds (in theory) and respond well to adjustable out and downhaul on the fly. I might try my daughters 7.8 in the summer.

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