Starboard Freeride 125 + Slingshot FWind v3

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Re: Starboard Freeride 125 + Slingshot FWind v3

Post by Westy »

Good to know it isn't just me MartinJ!

In the end i sold my SS foil and bought the new Starboard Freeride foil with 95plus fuse and 85cm mast with the thinking that it would be a better match for the board. And it is. I've lost nothing in early take off which was one concern I had with moving to a more high aspect wing but I have gained in pitch stability and speed. I now have the mast base just forward of centre and my back foot doesn't need to come as far forward when it really picks up. The lift is definitely further back. I'm probably going to reinstate the rear footstraps although I do like the ability to micro adjust without them.

It also feels less twitchy so height adjustment is more controlled and you have more warning before foiling out. It has lost none of the excitement though, in fact it turns just as well and is definitely faster. I've had some eye-widening runs and i put this down to increased confidence. Of course the longer fuse is probably a major factor in this. I also have the stab shims to play with. I reckon in 4.2 wind i'd put on the -2 to offset the lift of the front wing.

The other thing I would say is that it is a better engineered product especially the fuse to mast connection.
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Re: Starboard Freeride 125 + Slingshot FWind v3

Post by MartinJ »

That's interesting Westy. It does feel like novice foilers are best sticking to a single brand for board and foil. I'm toying with heading in the opposite direction to you, selling the Starboard 125 and buying the new 2021 Slingshot Wizard 130 with adjustable foil track mounts. No rush though. I’ll persevere with Starboard 125 for the moment but it would be good to demo the new Wizard.
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