How did you get good?

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Re: How did you get good?

Post by BTB » Fri May 10, 2019 1:00 pm

Harryo wrote:
Fri May 10, 2019 9:26 am
DaveMac wrote:
Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:26 pm
Cheers chaps! What with duck gybing and a new body no-one will know me! :lol:
I’ll throw in ‘vision’.
As for reg gybe look out of the turn to where you want to go, not at the rig.
When you duck keep your eyes and your head pointing to where the clew has just been - out of the turn. Let your new front hand find the boom on its own.
As i said somewhere else in this thread - and someone told me. So much of completing moves is where you head and eyes are at. Look at the sail and/or look at your feet and you will most likely fall in. Head up look to where you are going.

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Re: How did you get good?

Post by abitwindy » Wed May 15, 2019 6:00 pm

Great comments everyone and thanks for your feed back.

Since starting this post ive sail three or four times and made massive progress with my gybes, also ive got the buzz back and thats probably down to the progression.

All i did was watch the sam ross you tube clip over and over and practised with a rig in the garden a few times.
Then when on the water i really made an effort to commit , concentrate and look were i wanted to go.

I didn't think that i would of got stuck in a rut with my windsurfing but i did without even knowing it, I'm not good yet but its exciting going round the corners with full power!!!

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Re: How did you get good?

Post by Tomas » Wed May 29, 2019 9:27 am

I started "late" at 25, quickly learned to exit gybes planing but never learned wave sailing as I lived - and still live - far from any real surf. After a few years I more or less gave up due to lack of time and funds. Then at 42 I started sailing more than most people in the eastern part of Norway (west coast is so much better but too far) and on good equipment. Since retiring from work at 53 I’ve sailed a lot, including three months in Pozo every winter. But I’m also quite fond of messing around on big boards with small rigs if I can find a patch of flat water, and I’ve become an instructor for beginners who I teach from my own board meaning that I need to tack and gybe perhaps a hundred times during a session to stay close to my students who frequently fall in.

I’m not brave and were never very talented in sports as a kid. When I still improve at sixty it’s mostly because of all the time on water but also because I like to think through how things work. Theorising about riding frontside in small cross-on waves got me into a lot of arguments on the boards forum. Since then I’ve put more ideas successfully into practise and if this forum allows for easier upload of pictures I’ll probably be tempted to post on technique issues again. It’s not really that I do anything very differently from the good riders, but rather that I’ve found ways to visualise/explain the basic moves that have worked well for me and that may or may not work for others.

Am I any good? Since I started staying long term in Pozo in winters from 2011, kids down there have moved from beginners to PWA level. The best generally pass my level at an age between 11 and 12. :) But I’m still better than most "tourists" and frequently hit the lip unless it’s very wild or crowded. I don’t jump unless I need to (often), but after having changed the twins for thrusters or quads I’m now as fast out of the break as the locals (heading off down wind straight from the beach to build speed does the trick) and turn as soon as there’s a promising wave to gybe onto.
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