Design solutions for sailboard sports

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Design solutions for sailboard sports

Post by frankg03 »

Hello everyone!
I am a design student, and I am currently working on a project that consists of improving people's everyday life with new design solutions. I am a surfer, paddleboarder, and windsurfer, so I would like to find solutions to make the life of people that practice this sport easier. I was thinking that the transportation of surfboards on water vehicles, since I personally find it quite uncomfortable, especially in the case of small boats. Let me know if you agree with me, or if you have any issues with transporting windsurf equipment, or you think other ergonomic issues could be addressed by a design solution.
Thanks for the attention!
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Re: Design solutions for sailboard sports

Post by TwoFish »

At least until such time as I acquire a yacht :) , the only such situation I can think of where that may be particularly relevant is with rescue / assistance. Perhaps those involved in operating rescue boats might have useful insights?

Good luck with your project.
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Re: Design solutions for sailboard sports

Post by martinwindsurf »

Inflatable boards and John Skye’s RRD sail solution all help. Or just buy a bigger boat. :D
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Re: Design solutions for sailboard sports

Post by Jeroensurf »

Don,t work around an addiction but face it and join Anonymous surfers council group nearby
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Re: Design solutions for sailboard sports

Post by grantmac »

Better inflatables, hollow boards that aren't stupidly expensive, 3D printable boards?
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Re: Design solutions for sailboard sports

Post by Richarli »

We need a disruptive technology to drastically reduce the price. If you can buy a fully functional mountain bike from decathlon or Halfords for 150 euro there must be a way. (I do realise volume manufacturing is the base reason). We have to get away from expensive moulds for low volume manufacture.
I think something like a carveable foam that is inherently stiff and waterproof or indeed 3d printing.

Likewise for the aero kit I think we need to have an unstressed mast and boom therefore leading to cheap manufacture. Maybe with inflatable sail?
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Re: Design solutions for sailboard sports

Post by wully »

I’ve taken windsurfing kit sailing but it’s not worth it for a few reasons

1. You don’t want to be parking your yacht where you want to least I don’t.

2. Rigging up on a standard AWB is a utter PITA. Rigging down is worse.(AWB = average white boat...)

3. Taking you kit ashore in the dinghy from a sheltered anchorage to somewhere better to windsurf is slightly less of a PITA than rigging up off the back of the boat.

4. But not by much.

5. Side decks cluttered with lashed down windsurfing kit are a hazard.

6. Watching the lashed down windsurfing equipment trying to rip the Stanchions out when the waves pick up is not conducive to the owners mental or financial health.
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